About D.A.D.S.

D.A.D.S. has evolved from a family owned business which began upholstering breakfast nooks 62 years ago,  to an international supplier of over 500 decorative nail designs.  It all began in 1982 when D.A.D.S. began selling 14 decorative nail designs.  In keeping up with the market trends we have increased our product line to be the most complete and innovative in the industry today.  The website and our catalog showcase the nails we have in stock,  ready to ship to distributors; but the sky is the limit.  Nails can be custom made in any shape, size, color or finish or even in your company logo.  Please inquire about minimums.  When selection counts, D.A.D.S. provides.  We know you will be pleased with our selection and quality of our product!